Pioneering therapeutics to address diseases driven by inflammatory members of the gut microbiome

What is a Pathobiont?

Pathobionts are organisms with pathogenic potential that can cause or promote disease under specific genetic or environmental conditions but may otherwise be benign.

Artizan Biosciences aims to restore lives disrupted by inflammatory disease through innovative microbiota-targeted therapies.

Broad Approach

Artizan’s ability to identify, characterize and inhibit microbial virulence factors is applicable to a range of therapeutic areas in which inflammation plays a role, such as gastrointestinal diseases, central nervous system conditions, cancer, metabolic disorders and liver disease.

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Discovery Platform

Artizan’s proprietary discovery platform involves methodically investigating microbial communities and individual bacterial strains from healthy and disease-affected people.

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Artizan’s world-class biobanking program has collected approximately 1,500 proprietary samples and clinical data from nearly 300 IBD patients and 200 healthy controls. These samples enable critical research into disease mechanisms and aid the development of potential treatments.