Pioneering Precision Therapeutics that disrupt and inhibit intestinal triggers of inflammation in order to treat serious diseases and restore human health

Artizan Biosciences is creating a new class of transformative precision therapeutics that target and block the root causes of diverse, serious diseases triggered by intestinal inflammation. The company is backed by highly respected investors and governed by a prestigious board of directors with broad industry experience.

Broad Approach

Using multi-modality approaches, Artizan corrects intestinal dysbiosis by neutralizing the core triggers of the inflammatory process.


Discovery Platform

Artizan’s proprietary drug discovery platform identifies and characterizes microbial drivers of disease within precise patient subsets in certain cancers and gastrointestinal, metabolic, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Artizan’s world-class biobanking program collects proprietary samples and clinical data from patients and healthy controls. These samples enable critical research into disease mechanisms and aid the development of potential treatments.