Company Overview

Artizan Biosciences uses the human gut as a drug discovery tool and is creating new classes of transformative precision therapeutics that target and block the root causes of chronic inflammatory disease.

Our Vision

Artizan’s vision is to unlock the key drivers of chronic disease residing in the human gut.

Founded with IgA-SEQ™ technology and preeminent immunobiology expertise from Yale University, Artizan leverages the human gut as a drug discovery tool to identify and characterize microbial drivers of disease. Capable of using both novel small molecule and monoclonal antibody approaches, the company modulates intestinal imbalances by inhibiting specific, disease-associated microbial virulence factors in the intestinal tract. This unique approach allows Artizan to design compounds that arrest the inflammatory cascade within precise patient subsets in certain cancers and gastrointestinal, metabolic, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative diseases. The company’s portfolio of compounds for inflammatory bowel disease is nearing the clinic and is validated by strategic partnerships with Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, Brii Biosciences, and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

Artizan’s Targeted Treatment Approach

Artizan’s unique capabilities identify predictive biomarkers to target precision treatment to the right subset of patients.

At diagnosis

Before treatment initiation

During Treatment