Company Overview

Artizan Biosciences, Inc. creates innovative microbiota-targeted therapies to restore lives disrupted by inflammatory disease.

Our Commitment

Artizan Biosciences’ outstanding scientists aim to help fulfill the unmet needs of people who are more susceptible to inflammatory diseases. We do so by creating novel therapies that target pathogenic members of the gut microbiota.

Artizan’s vision is to cure and protect people from diseases with a basis in the microbiome.

Leveraging our proprietary IgA-SEQ™ technology platform, Artizan identifies and distinguishes bacteria in the gut that predispose people to disease, with the goal of developing new and potentially curative treatments. This unique approach is applicable to a variety of microbiota-driven diseases including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), central nervous system disorders, obesity, metabolic syndrome and autoimmune disease. Founded to advance the science of renowned immunologists Richard Flavell, Ph.D., Noah Palm, Ph.D., and Marcel R. de Zoete, Ph.D., Artizan’s lead program focuses on IBD, a group of inflammatory conditions of the small intestine and colon including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Artizan Biosciences is located adjacent to Yale University at Science Park in New Haven, CT.

Pathobiont Mechanisms and Artizan Solutions

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