Discovery Platform

Qualifying Pathobionts – Artizan Workflow

Our Discovery Platform

Artizan’s proprietary discovery platform involves methodically investigating microbial communities down to individual bacterial strains from healthy and disease-affected people. Once a strain of interest is identified, Artizan applies its mechanistic research expertise to determine the root causes of pathology. Deciphering the precise pathogenic mechanisms allows us to design transformative disease-modifying therapeutic agents.

What is a Pathobiont?

Pathobionts are organisms with pathogenic potential that can cause or promote disease under specific genetic or environmental conditions but may otherwise be benign.

A confluence of factors from host genetics, immune dysregulation, environmental triggers, and gut dysbiosis all contribute to a disease developing in an individual.

At Artizan, our goal is to modulate disease by identifying and inhibiting those specific soluble microbial factors produced by a contributory pathobiont.