Artizan has demonstrated that intestinal inflammation is driven by certain immunogenic microbial species residing adjacent to the gut epithelium in susceptible people.

Microbial Virulence Factors

  • Microbial virulence factors induce gastrointestinal epithelial barrier disruption (“leaky gut”) in numerous chronic inflammatory disorders
  • Artizan uniquely identifies, characterizes and inhibits microbial virulence factors
  • Susceptible person + “pathobiont” = foundation for inflammatory disorder

Despite continuous aggravation by offending microbes, host immune responses may not be efficient enough to restore the homeostatic and symbiotic host-microbe relationship, resulting in chronic intestinal inflammation. Artizan is revealing mechanisms by which these microbes exert their immunogenicity and pathogenicity, and is developing small molecule and biologic therapeutics to target root causes of disease.