Our Team

Silvina del Carmen, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Host Biology

Dr. Silvina del Carmen earned her undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and her doctoral degree in Biochemistry from the National University of Tucuman in Argentina. Under the supervision of Drs. Jean Guy LeBlanc and Alejandra de Moreno, she studied the anti-inflammatory activity of genetically modified lactic acid bacteria and their potential use as a complementary probiotic therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases. During her Ph.D training, she naturally developed an interest in the regulation of the host innate immune response, and thus pursued further postdoctoral training in Dr. Rothlin’s lab at Yale University, where she studied the role of molecules that regulate clotting and inflammation; and in Dr. Jacques Banchereau’s lab at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, where she performed big data analysis for the discovery of novel splice isoforms on clinical samples of Lupus patients.

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